Revival, London 1989-1993 Cinema Screening, Lexi Cinema

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Happy to say that a short 5 min film I have made about ‘Revival, London 1989-1993’ will be screened at the Lexi Cinema in NW London this weekend.

Some months ago, after the book came out, Robert & Brian the two young people in this photograph made c.1989 contacted me to say that they recognised themselves in the photograph. They very kindly agreed to be rephotographed as you can see, outside their Mum’s house, the same house they had just left when I made the original photograph.

In the short film they reflect on their lives in the past 30 years and talk about the advice that they would give themselves now.

The film will be screened on the opening weekend before the new Sam Mendes film ‘Empire of Light’. I will be giving a short intro Sat at 5.15pm.

It was made with the award-winning cinematographer Damian Daniel edited by the brilliant film editor Matt Robinson.

Supported and funded by Being Brent Heritage Fund and Arts Council England.

Come join us! Lexi Cinema, 194 Chamberlayne Road, NW10 3JU
With thanks to Robert and Brian and The Lexi cinema

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