‘Sixteen’ New Group Touring exhibition

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Really pleased to be part of a new touring exhibition about young people around the UK. I was asked by Craig Easton to contribute towards this project along with some great photographers​​:​​ Robert C Brady, Linda Brownlee, Lottie Davies, Craig Easton, Jillian Edelstein, Stuart  Freedman, Sophie Gerrard, Kalpesh Lathigra, Christopher Nunn, Kate  Peters, Simon Roberts, Michelle Sank, Abbie Trayler-Smith, ​plus the first of four specially selected students,​ David Copeland, ​MFA candidate at Ulster University.

My contribution was to work with young people in London who have relationships with countries outside of the UK and ask them how they feel about their identity. Out of nine portraits that I made the one attached here is of Travelle McGrath a young man from Penge in South London. All of the contributors gave me some revealing text about their lives, dreams and hopes for the future. Here is a section of Travelle’s writing:

“My background is mixed, but i mostly identify with Black British, but I’m fully aware of my roots, where I and my family come from and my ancestral sacrifices….

Just like Brexit – the whole country is talking daily about Brexit and making all these decisions and yet, those who it will affect the most – we were not asked anything – no explanation – no communication – nothing….I would like to do some kind of engineering, product design  or game design. My aim is to create and maybe rule my own destiny.”

The exhibition will tour around the UK and the opening venues are:

Opening Venues:
New Adelphi Exhibition Gallery & Atrium | 15 February – 14 April 2019
University of Salford, University Rd, Salford M5 4BR  HOME | 16 February – 17 March 2019
2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester M15 4FN  Manchester Central Library | 17 February – 15 April 2019
St Peter’s Square, Manchester M2 5PD  42nd Street & Horsfall Space | 16 February – 8 March 2019
87-91 Great Ancoats St, Manchester M4 5AG Public Preview:​​  Friday 15 February 2019. 4:30pm New Adelphi Exhibition Gallery & Atrium, University  of Salford, and 7.30pm at HOME, Manchester   Touring to:​​ FORMAT international photography festival, Derby | 14 March – 14 April 2019  Widnes Vikings Rugby Club | Opening May 2019
Lower House Lane, Widnes WA8 7DZ    Online:​​ Twitter ​@sixteentouring​ / Instagram @sixteen_touring
New website coming soon
Project enquiries:​​ sixteentouring@gmail.com
Admission:​​  FREE


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