Have recently produced some more photography for the NS&I Premium Bonds campaign. I was working with the same lovely production team as before with a great art directing team from FCB Inferno Creative agency.

The campaign was mostly shot in London. We produced 3 posters in total, to see more have a look at http://www.roymehta.com/commissions/advertising.aspx. I have included some ‘behind the scenes’ images below.

Client: NS&I

Art Director: Matt Hopkinson

Account Director: Lara Blow

Model maker: Paul Baker

Photography Assistant: Martin Lesanto-Smith

Film production: Produced with Julian Ward

Location manager: Luke Daly

Production: Sharron Daly

Production assistant: Guy Darby


10449923_NS&I_Phase2_Press_MAG_Ads_10x2_(100x82)_MASTERS_A.indd 10449923_NS&I_Phase2_Press_MAG_Ads_10x2_(100x82)_MASTERS_A.inddbehindthescenes